I'm Steve. So you're thinking of remodeling?

Things You Should Consider when Choosing a Contractor
You want someone you feel comfortable with since this person will be in your home
on a daily basis. You will work very closely with this person all through the renovation
process, sometimes through stressful situations.

It is SO IMPORTANT  that your contractor is a good communicator, a great multi-tasker and problem solver. This is my element. I enjoy the controlled chaos of remodeling. I communicate daily on where we are, what to expect, decisions you need to be making and your customer supplies finishes to purchase to keep the process

A Remodeling Contractor is Very Different than a Home Builder
Many home builders are getting into remodeling now because of the economic market.
But, choosing a contractor experienced in dealing with old homes that are not plumb
and level is crucial in preventing costly mistakes and lower quality outcomes.

Remodeling entails blending old materials with new materials, old codes with new
codes, settled and unleveled walls and floors with new construction and converting
old floorplans into new, open floorplans. I know the classic 1950's, 1960's homes well
and what obstacles they can present while transforming them to open, modern spaces.

But...I can definitely build you a brand new home if that is your direction.

So, take a look at some of my past projects and hopefully you'll consider me when
you're ready to start your remodeling project. I have plenty of references for you to
call, and I can even take you to some of my past customers and present job sites
to let you see my work for yourself.

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